Friday, January 23, 2009

Kreativ Award update - (see also previous post below)

This award looks like it's really making it's way around so I apologize if any of my "Nominees" have already received it....

Susan Tuttle - her site Ilkas Attic - Susan is so supportive of artists and she has some beautiful photography on her site.

Tabby - her site Crooked Heart Art - Tabby is a wonderful friend and has inspired me to try new things.

Kris - her site Nostalgic Collage - One of the best places to get some inspiration!

Jasia - Creative Gene - Jasia is great at inspiring us to write about our family history with an occasional digital scrapbooking page - a bit off the beaten path from "artsy" but very creative I love this blogger!


Kris Dickinson said...

Thank you so much Cindy. I'm very honored. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog too! ((HUGS)) - Kris

Jasia said...

Thank you so much for this award, Cindy! I'm flattered that you enjoy my blog and even more so that would think to include me among your artsy blogger friends. :-) You've made my day in spades!!!

June said...

Awww lovely Cindy. Thanks for your comment on my freebie page ... wow have you got snow ??? I shall be adding my lovely award from you on my main blog either tonight or tomorrow ... got granchildren mania here today so cant concentrate lol
sending big huggggggs
June xxxx

June said...

Cindy my friend ... hellooooo :) I finally got a morning to catch up on my blogging properly and came by to say hello and how are you ? and .. to leave you some awards here
Have a beautiful weekend my friend
Hugs June xxx