Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Running R A G G E D

So the battery died in the camera, I cannot get the other pics of the tie dye experiment up tonight but let me share my week with you... I know, I know it's only Wednesday!!!!!

Ahhhh Spirit week at the local high school. Who knew it could be so much work for me.. the "hands off" mom? They are running me ragged with this crap and I'm losing my mind!!!!! :-)

I need to be at the school at 8:00 on Monday, oh and I'll need you to pick me up when I call (this ended up being 9:00pm!)

gotta go to Walmart - we need more supplies for hall decorating

Mom did you make my hair appointment?

Mom, Where's the special bra for my dress?

back to walmart - more supplies - this time it's the tie dye, tee shirts, shirts and leggings for a powder puff football game.. shirts for decorating with special green paint so sister and friend can wear to watch the game... seriously??

Mom, gotta go here, gotta go there, need this, need that,

Mom, when can i get new glasses?

Mom, where are my jeans? Not those! the skinny leg ones... no the dark skinny leg ones...

Mom, whens the next time you're going to the store?

Mom, someone stepped on my new glasses? rrrrrrrrgh

Mom, did you do laundry today?
(please realize, with seven people in the house how could I not? It would take over very quickly - but easily 15 loads a week is just overwhelming!)

Mom, why didn't you do laundry today?

Mom, pick me up at 4:00 today and this other person needs a ride also

Mom, what's for dinner? "bleh" (don't you love when that's the response you get?)

Me - please make your bed and at least put the CLEAN clothes away on the floor!

Mom, where are the cookies?

Mom, didn't you go to the store today?
why didn't you get ... donuts, icecream, soda, cookies, waffles, syrup.....

Mom, I need a check for this.. oh, and one for that...

Mom, you're driving to volleyball practice today - 5:15

Mom, where are my shoes?

Mom, can you drive me to school (this means loading up two tots at 7:30am) NO!

Mom, can my friend come over? can they have dinner here? can they spend the night? can I spend the night at her house? it's a school night - NO!

Me (again - two days later) - please, please put the clothes away in your room!

and my absolute favorite....

"UGggggg, there's NO food in this house!" rolling of the eyes, slamming of the pantry door,
gee, I wonder where it all went???