Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Susan is giving it away - You GOTTA get this book!!!

My artistic side has suffered lately because I've been so wrapped up in the genealogy work that I'm doing. But, I need to let you know about this book.... AND SUSAN IS GIVING ONE AWAY!!!!

This book is for me one of those creative escapes that I can return to again and again. When my creativity is suffering, I can visit it's pages and I feel like I could stay up all night making such offerings that she's got here. It's a great collection from some fantastic mixed media artists and she's done a wonderful job taking you on a personal tour of their work. You just gotta check this book out!

If you'd like to enter Susan's giveaway, visit her post here and follow her instructions. If you don't win, all is not lost! You can get your own copy at Amazon here. Visit the Amazon link and take a look at a few of the beautiful pages in this book - you don't want to miss it!