Friday, August 7, 2009

Long time no see..

My children have been out of school for a little over 10 weeks, and it certainly shows on my blog. I hope to get back to crafting and blogging very soon, right after all the school supplies are purchased, clothing is bought, athletic try-outs, practices and the actual first day of school. Summer will be coming to a close and for me this brings mixed emotions. On one hand I've got them all here everyday, fighting, screaming, making plans and dirtying up the house. On the other hand they're somewhat helpful - and I use this term lightly - in keeping up with the younger of the bunch and slightly helpful when it comes to the housework. Some days are fun, with laughter, hanging out together and working together - others.... I could just scream!

So, if you've visited my blog looking for some artsy tidbit or words of wisdom, I'm very sorry to disappoint, but please don't give up on me yet!