Friday, January 9, 2009

Feeling The Need To Create....

A cleaner space that is! It's no wonder that I've not been making anything lately - just look at this mess!!! There are piles everywhere - I couldn't find a clean corner in this room unless I brought in a bulldozer. So, I've decided to get this mess cleaned up. While I'll never have the oh so beautiful "studio" look to my room that other artists have, I'm just a "dabbler" and it is my space and right now, it's intolerable! I keep complaining about it to all my blogger friends and mentioned posting pics of the room - June recommended that I go ahead and do it, air my "dirty little secret" rumor has it that I'm not the only one out here in this boat.. could that possibly be true?

So, here's the before shots of my room, please don't laugh or leave any meanie head comments - we've all got our quirks right? Mine just happens to be that I sometimes work better amid chaos, but it does reach a point that I just can't wait any longer and I need to clean it up. It also doesn't help that I'm a pack rat (first step, admit you have a problem :-)

Keep in mind, against the opposite wall there is another table and more stuff - it's a whole room full! Sure, I'd love to have one of those room makeovers - but they might make me throw stuff away!!!! Right now there are piles on the table, piles on the floor, and I'm even beginning to stack and shove things on the shelves around all my little organizational "tools" - not good! I've also got quite a bit of genealogy paperwork sitting about for various lines that I'm tracing right now and while I DO currently know what's in each of these piles, I'm going to take my own advice, posted here and do my best to get it organized in some manner while I'm still working on it... could be several days or weeks before you hear from me again!

"I'm going in!"