Thursday, December 11, 2008

An adopted doll!

Oh I'm so excited to post this doll! My friend Benjji who has recently taken up the art of creating Dotee dolls sent it to me. Although it's a bit larger than the average Dotee, it's a beauty, along with the others she's recently made. I'll post a photo of them all together - with her permission of course. Benjji - Thanks so much for letting your dolls visit my home and allowing me to adopt this one, I just love her!

If you're interested in making Dotee dolls, you should visit Dot's blog - she made the original "Dotee". I also understand that there is a template or pattern for making "Dotee like" dolls here. If you really like what you see, stop on over to YahooGroups and see the new group started recently by my friend Vicki from ATC_Connection. It's called Dotee_World - link here This is a members only group for trading ideas and swapping what else??? Dotee Dolls!!!