Monday, October 12, 2009

Tie Dye... uggggh

So the kids have spirit week at school, and today's supposed to be a day off... meaning a day "on" for Mom. But the flurry of activity has got me just wore out and my frustration is building!!!!!

Tomorrow is 'Decade Day'...

"We want to wear tie dye shirts!"

off to the store, t-shirts and tie dye kit purchased.... two hours later......

"Did you read the directions?"
"Yes Mom"
"Dinner is almost on the table, please get your shirts dyed and wrapped" (they have to sit for 6-8 hours)

"We got this Mom" typical teenagers - moms don't know ANYTHING!

This morning I had to drop them at school, the halls must be decorated ya know. Two feverish toddlers in tow I made the drive, and returned home to unwrap the shirts and do the next step..... but somehow I don't think they're done correctly...

are you sure you read the directions??????? isn't the color supposed to be put down INTO the crevices of the rolled up shirt???

make a quick phone call....

"Where are the rest of the shirts? You guys didn't color these right - they're terrible.... they look like a shirt you WORE while tie dye is being done!"

"Are you kidding me Mom? We need those for tomorrow!"
"Why didn't you follow the directions?"

so, off to the garage I go, with another youngster - "We must tie dye two more shirts!" Mom is always "the fixer" in our house...

p.s. you should always wear gloves..... it's going to be days before my nails don't appear to have black crammed under them... yuck!

I'll be back later with the new shirts... hopefully they'll be "good enough" :-)


thekathrynwheel said...

Ha ha ha ha ha hee hee - the dye worked better on your fingers than it did on the shirts! Oh, I just live in fear of those dressing up days at school - too much to organise! Hope it worked out in the end :-)))

Stefunkc said...

LOVE it!!