Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Award! Who makes you smile?

I received this award from my beautiful wonderful friend June who I've met through blogging, art and genealogy. June is such a sweet lady for thinking of me! You are a wonderful person! June has several art blogs which you can visit here, here and here. They're very much worth a visit!

As always, there are rules for this award; you must list 5 things about yourself and pass along to 5 other bloggers who have made you smile.

First, my five things:

1: 1st and most importantly I am "mommy" to my 5 children.
2: I am married to an wonderful husband
3: I love crafting and I love genealogy even more. Two very time consuming hobbies that I don't seem to have enough time to dedicate to.
4: My favorite time of year is now, when the weather is turning cooler
5: I am somewhat of a packrat but trying to get organized

Now, to pass this along to other bloggers who make me smile:
The Kathryn Wheel - lovely works of art and a great lady to go along with it

a day in the life of a crazed mom - so many things to cover with your kids - she sure has a wonderful and fun way of sharing her experiences

Please don't eat sushi! - a grown man sharing HUNDREDS of hysterical letters from his mother - this is a must read and always makes me smile!

Ilka's Attic - beautiful photography and a mixed media artist


thekathrynwheel said...

Ooooh thanks! I love blog awards! Thanks for thinking of me :-)

Stefunkc said...

You precious friend! Thank you:c)