Monday, December 22, 2008

Just a bit of homespun

So I'm not one who sews often but I saw this ornament in a magazine a couple years ago and wanted to do some "relax" time on the couch - perfect opportunity to try something a bit different. It's two pieces of felt, cut into star shape (obviously) then a snowflake looking pattern on the front and blanket stitching around the sides. Two of these will go to friends this holiday.. one has already reached it's destination and I'm not sure the other will make it before the 25th but she'll know that my heart is in it :-)
Merry Christmas everyone!!!


June said...

Awww its beautiful. I dont work with fabric much either but yours is gorgeous. You should make more like this

I have something special for you here my friend

Hugs and happy Christmas
June x

Kristen Hermanny said...

Very cute, I like this. Fabric is not my friend, but I have done some felt crafts, it seems to be a little more user friendly.

Happy New Year