Saturday, December 6, 2008

Goofy Yes, but fun at the time....

On a previous post I mentioned a 29 days of Giveaways going on at Art By Christi - lovies you must check it out! Anyway, one of the recent questions for our comments was "What is the most odd item within your reach right now". As I mentioned in my comment on her blog, my table is completely covered right now with mostly research papers and such BUT, if I looked around..... well, I found this. Yes, they're pin cushions that were made quite a few years ago, with the thought that we would sell them at a dinky little store near my mother's home. They were, at the time, the little whimsicle thing that someone who lives near the water (the area we were in) and loves to sew would just love to receive in their Christmas stocking..
Now I look at these things and think about the ton of fun we had making these, sitting at her kitchen table stiching away, making different creatures bodies and legs, and the 1.5 hour trip to the store and back to get the material. The shells we readily found in her front yard and the netting we also had on hand. We actually did sell some of them (and some at various yard sales and such we've had since) but as you can see, not everyone who sews enjoys a bit of whimsy in their world - we've got about a dozen left. There were green turtles also, but all of those sold.

I just wanted to share this strange but memory filled find with you.

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crooked heart art~tabby said...

aww cindy what fun critters they are! would of loved to see the turtles too
how i envy one who can sew!
no nope not this girl
thanks for sharing
hope you are having a great day