Friday, November 7, 2008

Button Fairies, Book Thongs & Dotees?

My mind has been inundated this week with images of some quirky little crafts that I think I would like to give a try. One of them came up in a discussion in my Yahoo ATC group and that's the Button Fairy - what on earth? These are fairies whose bodies are made of buttons.. do a google search and you're bound to find some.

Next was book thongs.. creative name huh? I had never seen these before and I finally sat down this evening, took apart a bracelet that was in the pile of jewelry from the flea market last weekend (post of November 1st) and made a book thong. After struggling to get ribbon through the tiny beads (how on earth do people do that?) I tried some linen cord. It ties off nicely, the beads go on easily and I like the look and feel of it. So, here 'tis, my first creation in book thongs. I never have been into beading or jewelry making but really enjoyed making this and think there will be many more (as long as I can keep finding the jewelry at the flea market!)

Dotee dolls? Never heard of them! I haven't done much research on these dolls, but do know that they were started by a woman named Dot, who I might add makes beautiful stuff - you should check out her blog in my list. I've not really ventured into the world of sewing, other than the quilting that I attempted to take up a few years ago. While I love this art, I typically can't find the time to sit and do it. However Dotee dolls are small and the real work is in the embellishing so I might try this sometime this winter and see what I can come up with. Dotees are traded, much like ATCs and the Yahoo group that I belong to is planning to do some swaps of these in the future. I hear that there are often swaps on swapbot of Dotees.

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crooked heart art~tabby said...

hey cindy
just wonderful!!!!!!!!!!
love them all esp the one with the pretty blue bead and the last one nice nice nice!!!
great job-you go girl :)
enjoy your day