Saturday, November 1, 2008

Flea Market Saturday! Two weeks in a row!

I hit the flea market again this weekend. The weather here was in the 70s so we just had to take the opportunity to go again. The flea market only runs on weekends till the end of November, then starts again in March. Now's the time to get the deals! Today we were in search of "old junk jewelry". I told the girls - if you see a glass case, keep walking... if it's just piled in a box or boxes, stop and look. We had a great time collecting odd bits of jewelry to use on a new craft that we wanted to try. Rather than buying only new beads, we wanted to try to get an older look to the beads - what better than old junk costume jewelry? Our plan is to use some of them for book thongs, some for mixed media art and some to alter some boxes. I just love the beads on the two choker style neclaces - they're not straight but we'll find a good use for them because they're so beautiful!

We also found this beautiful angel pin for great-grandma - the bead in the center prevented a very clear scan but the details can be see in the bottom of the body - just beautiful - she's gonna love it!! We also found a new teapot for her collection, since the last two I bought I couldn't hold till her birthday and ended up giving them to her as "Happy Day" gifts - a much loved tradition in our family. Grandma will be 91 this month!

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