Sunday, November 23, 2008

Who were they...... really?

Everytime I do a bit of research on the family, I'm compelled to know about what their lives must've been like. What kind of people were they? Was their life difficult? Did they work hard to have very little or were they successful in what they did? These are the bits that are difficult to find out without having the information passed down to you from someone who actually knows. You can't find this info in general records on the family. I posted previously about this family, the Kidwells, who lived in Fairfax County Virginia. Apparently farmers (according to census and land records) but who were they? What kind of people were they? Sadly, I may never know.....

These are the questions you need to ask of the living RIGHT NOW! Time is very short when it comes to your genealogy. Bits of memories and family stories are lost everyday when someone passes away. I may never know what Silas & Bertie Kidwell were like as I didn't ask these questions when I had the opportunity. You see, it's not just about the who and where and when - these are just names, places and dates. All very intersting and helpful to build your family history data, but no where near the full story.

I'm going to start a new series of posts about this family and how I attempted to find out more about them. I still don't feel that I know enough, but a few nuggets of info that I came to know along the way are what I've got to share with my children and their children. In the meantime, you should contact all the eldest members of your family, talk to them about their parents and grandparents, get copies of any documents and photos. Get info from them while you still can and ask more about the people and their lives, homes and jobs, not just the who, where and when.

Have a great day! Cindy


June said...

Hi Cindy, Thanks for coming and saying some lovely things about my blog. I have just been having a little read of yours too and havent even looked at the crafty stuff. Just got interested in your geneology blog. I agree its so important to get as much info about people, places and lifestyles as you can from your relatives. I have done just a little on my family and I kow how difficult it is and i know how precious that info is. Once the living relatives are gone then all their memories die with them. I have not got very far with mine but like you i would love to know more about the way they lived and who they were and what they went through in life.
Hugs June xxx

Shelly said...

So true, Cindy. They are gone before you realize it. It is so important to listen to their stories and histories while they are still here. In doing so, you become part of their timeline and have forged a bond that is to be cherished for all times.
Thanks for sharing.