Sunday, November 16, 2008

Butterfly Babes

I've always wanted to make a "Series" of cards, but never had enough inspiration - making multiples of the same card was about it for me. I wanted to make a set of cards with different backgrounds & embellishments, but the same basic image. My inspiration came in the mail this week - my friend Tabby sent me a bunch of pre-made background ATCs with a trade that we did (she's such a sweetheart!). Turns out that they were just what I needed for some inspiration to make a few cards. Although I didn't use her backgrounds (just yet :) they're all here in front of me, inspiring me to work with Gesso and get some
texture in my cards. So, here's the first two in a series of Butterfly Babes that I'm making. The scan of the second one didn't come out well but it's pink textured background with gold and black stamps and burgundy torn paper came out pretty nice - you're going to have to trust me on this one :-) Not sure where the series will end yet.. stay tuned!!

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Shelly said...

Cindy, these are lovely !!! What a great collaboration b/t you and Tabby. Don't stop at 2 . . . look forward to seeing more.