Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Challenge

My ATC group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ATC_CONNECTION/) recently had a "Lucky 7 Challenge" where 7 people sign up, they received the exact same supplies for 4 cards. What a challenge it was. My first card wasn't so difficult, add a few pink flowers and glue down, done.

Card number 2 wasn't so easy. The supplies consisted of the beautiful background paper, a green plastic 'dome' thingy and the ladybug. I did the best I could. The scanner didn't like it much because the green thing was like 1/4" tall so that area is the only one that came through really clear.

For card #3, (again, not the best scan because of the embellishments) we were given the background, the lady, the butterfly and the button. The card worked, but by this time my brain was hurtin', I had made a VERY LARGE mess, and I didn't even want to look at what card number 4 had in store for me... it just got worse!

For card #4 we were given the background, the two charms and, would you believe, one of those plastic things that hold your bread rolls package shut. Not the "twisty tie" but the flat plastic thingy... what on earth can I do with this???? Well, as you can see (or NOT see) I decided to cover it, it's beneath the "Wild Wild West" on the card. You can see it if you look beneath the paper - it gives my 'sign' a bit of depth :-) The rules said we had to use all the items, not that you had to be able to actually see them! Hope that flies with JJ!!

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